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 My GMA activities since 2019 
 LA/DL1DVE IOTA EU-055 Activity 2006 
 DL1DVE/p -Lighthouse Activity 2005 Update 
 DL1DVE/p -Lighthouse Activity 2004 
 LA/DL1DVE IOTA EU-055 Activity 2004  
 DL1DVE/p -10/24 GHz Expedition Activity  
 DL1DVE/p -Lighthouse Activity 2002  

Outdoor Shack

  - born: December 6th 1970
  - first QSO: October 20th 1984 (ex Calls: Y76AL, Y76SL)
  - profession: electrician
  - Location: (JO71AD) southern part of east Germany, 22km east of Dresden
  - Interests: GMA, WCA, WFF, Lighthouse activity...any kind of outdoor radio activity
  - Commercial Equipment: KX3, TM-D710

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